Kaity Thomson-  I woke up this morning refreshed; being surrounded by the passionate, creative minds of your community does wonders for the soul. For two hours last night, I was engulfed in the community that makes me feel at home in New Hampshire. Twenty of us gathered for the first 350 Action community meeting to discuss our stake in the New Hampshire primaries.

We began with a visioning activity to bring us into the right mindset. Elaine, a 350 Action fellow, lead us through this engaging meditation: ”We are going to do a little time traveling. Imagine that you are waking up in your bed fifty years into the future in the world that you want to see.”  This meditation set the tone for a productive meeting that kept our eyes on the long-term prize: a just and stable future.

Primarily, the community meeting presented an opportunity for all attendees to be a part of collaborative brainstorming around how we can make an impact together. We began small group discussions around current local issues: the Southern NH Natural Gas Pipeline Proposal, lack of public transportation through the state, building renewable energy infrastructure, and more. This transitioned into discussions of the future: what changes and impact do we need to see on current issues locally and nationally to move us forward towards a just and stable future?

As the MC of the event, I had the opportunity to bounce between groups as Jong, Elaine and Tyler facilitated. Each of the three groups crossed boundaries: faith, generations, career paths and political affiliations. As I listened and observed the conversations I notated the feelings that were brought up in me: passion, thoughtfulness, awareness, compassion, curiosity, openness, drive and joy. What I came to see was the climate justice movement was bringing people together, united to make an impact while the nation is watching our great state.

We move forward with stronger bonds between us and with the energy and commitment to creating the just and stable futures we envisioned. I am beyond excited about the up and coming events in which we will be taking action together, and witnessing our climate justice community grow, strengthen and embrace the right given to us as New Hampshire voters.