This election is way too close for comfort. I’m (very) nervous still, but what’s giving me hope is seeing people from across the political spectrum unite to get out the vote to stop Donald Trump.

Labor, women’s rights, racial justice and immigrants rights groups are uniting to defeat Trump’s hate. The climate movement is joining them because all of our progress is at stake.

This week undecided voters are making up their minds and casting their ballots. Can you help make sure we get them to the polls to vote for Hillary Clinton?

Here’s the plan for the final week:

1. Talk to people. Get people in key swing states to vote. 2. Vote, for Hillary Clinton. 3. Back in the streets.

If we do our jobs right, we’ll get right back to work on November 9th and make the next year the climate movement’s most ambitious yet. But right now we’re still at step 1. This is what that involves:

  • Texting hundreds of thousands of millennial voters in key swing states from home and at text-banking parties, to make sure voters get to the polls on November 8th.
  • Teaming up with our friends at to knock on thousands of doors of progressive voters in swing states, to make sure they turn out.

The polls are tightening. Trump still refuses to say he’ll accept the outcome of the election if he loses, and he will pull every single dirty trick to try and tip the scales in his favor. Let’s make this election a landslide and leave no doubt that Americans reject his misogyny, racism, climate denial and authoritarian nonsense.

Today, young people across the country are holding text-banking parties to reach millennial voters in swing states. They need all the help they can get — everyone is welcome. Join the crew texting hard to bury Trump here.

This is the week that people on the fence make up their minds about who to vote for, or whether to vote at all. I’m not going to get comfortable until I know this election is done and gone. Let’s seize this moment, and then get back to work.