The third and final Presidential debate of 2016 is tonight. If the first two were any indication, the moderators will fail to ask the candidates about climate change again.

That is their failure. Despite this being the hottest year ever. Despite Hurricane Matthew slamming into the Caribbean and the US east coast. Despite the historic opposition to the Dakota Access pipeline in North Dakota.

Our movement, however, can and must succeed. So we took matters into our own hands on Monday, hosting the Climate Check Forum with climate movement leaders from the front lines of Hurricane Matthew and our fight against Trump.

We made a short video from the Forum that highlights the stakes in this election. Can you watch and share it with your social networks before the debate tonight so that we make sure this discussion is on people’s minds before the candidates take the stage?

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If you missed the discussion Monday, you missed out on a great conversation. But this video  brings up the key points and lays out the plan for our movement. It’s really worth watching.

We’re not endorsing a candidate this election — we’re endorsing our movement. As May Boeve said on Monday: “Voting isn’t a valentine. It’s a chess move.”

We know that voting for Clinton is our only shot at defeating Trump. We have no illusions that she’s a climate champion — but we know as a movement, we can pressure her to keep fossil fuels in the ground, and invest in a 100% renewable future.

With election day only three weeks away, it’s so important that the climate movement doesn’t disengage just because the candidates aren’t talking about climate change in the debates. Let’s insert this conversation into the larger national discussion we should be having.

Seeing the forum on Monday got me fired up to do more, and I want to make sure people watch the debate tonight with this discussion in mind. Take a few minutes to watch and share this video of the Climate Check Forum to show that the climate movement is watching, that we vote, and that we’re ready to put the pressure on Nov. 9th — and beyond.

Thank you,

Duncan for the 350 Action team

P.S. Want to watch the whole hour-long Forum with Bill McKibben, Xiuhtezcatl Martinez, Yong Jung Cho, Ricot Jean-Pierre, Sara Mersha, and May Boeve? Check out the full version here.