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Kelsey Lozier: Using the Election to Push Candidates on Climate

This election cycle, there are many candidates running and many issues being talked about. Unfortunately, the biggest issue facing the United States and the world today is not being talked about nearly enough. That issue is climate change. This is something much bigger and more terrifying than the rest. We’re talking about the eminent destruction of the only planet (More...)


Jordan Cichon: Why Climate Change Matters

When asked by UNH student Amina Hughes if burning fossil fuels causes climate change, Marco Rubio quickly dismissed the idea. “It doesn’t matter,” he insisted, professing his concern for the state of our economy and his prioritization of jobs and economic growth far above 30 years of scientific data. Having listened to many politicians in (More...)


350 Action: Video: Marco Rubio Says Climate Change “Doesn’t Matter”

MEDIA ADVISORY November 5, 2015 Contact: Jamie Henn,, 415-890-3350 Video: Marco Rubio Says Climate Change “Doesn’t Matter” NASHUA, NH — Asked by a University of New Hampshire student, Amina Hughes, about whether he was concerned that burning fossil fuels contributed to climate change, Marco Rubio said, “It doesn’t matter.” Video: Senator Rubio’s statement (More...)


The New Climate Denial

If I’ve learned anything listening to Republican presidential candidates campaigning through New Hampshire, it’s that climate denial isn’t what it used to be.   It’s more frenetic and disorganized than ever before. First, we have some old-fashioned deniers, like Ted Cruz, who says warming hasn’t occurred for 17 years. Not sure where he got those (More...)


350 Action: “Keep It In the Ground Act” Raises the Bar for Presidential Leadership on Climate

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE November 4, 2015 Contact: Jamie Henn,, 415-890-3350 “Keep It In the Ground Act” Raises the Bar for Presidential Leadership on Climate  Washington, DC — The grassroots political group 350 Action, which has been pushing presidential candidates to take stronger positions on climate, heralded the new “Keep It In The Ground Act” introduced (More...)