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Washington, DC — This morning, Senator Jeff Merkley announced his support for Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, citing Sanders’ bold climate positions. In response, Jason Kowalski, 350 Action spokesperson, issued the following statement:

“Senators Jeff Merkley and Bernie Sanders share the same core climate platform: keeping fossil fuels in the ground. Given the latest climate science, “keep it in the ground” climate policy is the only responsible plan to be campaigning on this election season.

Legislative leadership from Senator Merkley and Senator Sanders, like the 2015 “Keep It in The Ground Act” has paved the way for Secretary Hillary Clinton to adopt stronger positions against offshore drilling, fracking, coal mining, and the Trans-Pacific Partnership — all issues informed by a clear “keep it in the ground” demand from the grassroots base of the climate movement.

With Keystone XL rejected, and Atlantic drilling off the table, the next president will enter office with a clear mandate from the climate movement, and climate champions in the senate to continue keeping fossil fuels in the ground.”

Last November, Senators Jeff Merkley (D-OR) and Bernie Sanders (I-VT) introduced an unprecedented “Keep It In The Ground Act” to the US Senate, setting the new bar for climate leadership. The bill calls for a ban on new fossil fuel leases on public lands and in Federal waters, forever protecting sensitive areas like the Arctic and the Atlantic coastline.

Led by Rep. Jared Huffman (CA-2), currently with 20 co-sponsors, the House “Keep it in the Ground Act” was introduced in February, building on the Senate bill introduced by Senators Merkley and Sanders.

This May, the global fossil fuel resistance movement will mobilize to Break Free from fossil fuels and to challenge fossil fuel projects across 6 continents. Organizers around the world will demonstrate the global resolve to transition off fossil fuels and push for a just transition toward a 100% renewable energy economy that works for all.



350 Action has not endorsed any presidential candidate and is working in primary states to urge candidates for president to take bold action on climate change by pledging to keep fossil fuels in the ground and support a just transition to a 100% renewable energy economy that works for all.


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