August 29, 2019

350 Action Launches 2020 Endorsement Process for Climate Progressives

Aug 29 2019

Brooklyn, N.Y. – Ahead of the November primaries, 350 Action has launched its endorsement process, featuring a questionnaire for strong climate candidates interested in receiving an endorsement from the organization. The candidate, among other things, must run as a progressive climate champion and prioritize solidarity with our allied movements. We hope our endorsement encourages progressive climate leaders to run, and incumbents to stand with us.

350 Action’s Policy Director Natalie Mebane said, of the endorsement process:

“There is not a single community in this country, or in its occupied territories, which has not experienced the devastating impacts of the climate crisis. 350 Action is ready to support and advocate for candidates who show real climate leadership and say no to a fossil fuel future. This country needs progressives at all levels of office to use democratic structures to move forward a just transition in the United States, with the goal of 100% renewable energy that creates millions of new jobs for workers. We will support candidates who are prepared to hold fossil fuel executives accountable for the destruction they have caused to our climate and for further exposing communities to devastating climate impacts. 

“Endorsements are a powerful tool to encourage progressives to run, and to ensure that the climate crisis receives the attention it deserves during this electoral cycle.”


Press Contact: Monica Mohapatra, U.S. Communications Specialist,