January 21, 2016

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Sanders Strongly Against Fracking, Says He Would Shut Down Porter Ranch Well

Hooksett, NH — When asked by Miles Goodrich, a campaigner with 350 Action, at a town hall meeting at Southern New Hampshire University, if he would shut down the Porter Ranch gas well, Democratic Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders responded immediately with his support in shutting down the gas storage facility, and continued to express his strong disagreement with those who argue that fracking is safe.

The Porter Ranch disaster just 25 miles outside of Los Angeles has shined a harsh spotlight on the dangers of existing natural gas infrastructure and has intensified concerns around the harmful impacts fracking has on communities and the climate. The massive leak, which is emitting pollution equivalent to 7 million new cars on the road each day, is estimated to be fixed no sooner than March.

The disaster, and it’s parallel to the water crisis in Flint, has made fracking a key issue in the Democratic primary as voting draws near. Sanders’ fellow Democratic candidates Hillary Clinton and Martin O’Malley have yet to comment on the Porter Ranch crisis or come out with strong positions against fracking.


Full transcript:

Miles Goodrich: So, Senator Sanders, my question concerns the Porter Ranch gas leak.

Bernie Sanders: Concerns what?

Goodrich: The Porter Ranch methane gas leak in California

Sanders: Yes, absolutely.

Goodrich: It’s one of the biggest environmental catastrophes producing as much as pollution as 7 million cars.

Sanders: Yes.

Goodrich: And especially with the natural gas pipeline going through New Hampshire, it’s something that is concerning to us, this natural gas infrastructure.

Sanders: Yes.

Goodrich: My question to you is: do you support the local people’s call for the shutdown of this leaking gas well?

Bernie Sanders: The answer is yes I would. [Applause]

Goodrich: And as a follow up, um, what do you say to politicians across the country who are saying that fracking is safe?

Sanders: Who are saying what?

Goodrich: Who are saying that fracking is safe.

Sanders: I strongly disagree with that for many, many reasons. I’m against fracking, I’m against the pipelines. I’m against the pipeline here [in NH], I’m against the pipeline in Iowa, I’m against the pipeline in Vermont…



350 Action is working in primary states to urge candidates for president to take bold action on climate change by pledging to keep fossil fuels in the ground and support a just transition to a 100% renewable energy future.